Momentum Medical Aid

Momentum Medical Aid is one of the oldest, biggest, and most respected medical schemes in South Africa. Their plans are easy to understand, and the language used is straightforward.

Momentum Medical Aid

The Momentum scheme is unique in the sense that it also offers members incentives to lead healthier lives and that they reward their members with cash paybacks when they do not submit claims for a specified period.

What hospital plans are offered?

Momentum medical scheme offers three distinct hospital plans. These plans are designed to suit the specific needs and budget of well-defined target groups. The company believes that everybody can afford some measure of hospital cover. Here are some details regarding each of the plans:

1.    The Ingwe Plan. This is a basic and straightforward hospital plan that is meant for those who cannot afford comprehensive cover or that are young, healthy and fit but that nevertheless need to be covered in case of accidents or emergencies. The plan requires members to make use of service providers that are part of the Ingwe network. If members choose to see a service provider that is not part of the network, they may be liable for the cost of treatment. The plan covers nineteen specialized procedures, although there is a limit of nine hundred and fifty rand per family per year. The plan also includes treatment and medication for certain chronic conditions.

2.    The Access Plan. This plan also offers members full cover for hospitalization, but members must use the hospitals that are part of the Access network. There is no annual limit with this plan, and members are covered for the management of chronic diseases. Members must obtain prior approval from the scheme before being hospitalized, except in cases of emergency. The plan furthermore allows members access to health education programs, round-the-clock medical advice, and it offers full maternity benefits.

3.     The Custom Plan. This plan offers unlimited hospitalization benefits at affordable premiums. Members can choose the hospital of their choice, but they receive a discount if they opt for a hospital that is part of the Momentum network. The same principle is valid for consultations with medical practitioners and the purchase of medicines at pharmacies: using the approved network of service providers results in a discount.

Some unique benefits offered by Momentum

Most medical aids try to offer their members unique benefits not offered by any other scheme. Momentum offer their members two distinct benefits:

1.    The HealthReturns Program. This program makes provision for paying members cash back if they comply with certain criteria. Members can receive up to five thousand four hundred rand per year as rewards. In terms of the program, members can also earn free doctor’s visits and increased day-to-day medical cover. The program also features the Multiply Wellness Program that allows members to increase the benefits received under the HealthReturns program.

2.    The HealthPlatform Program. This program is aimed at helping members to lead healthier lifestyles. It offers free check-ups once a year, a variety of maternity benefits, and a range of diagnostic tests meant to lead to the early diagnosis of illnesses. The program also offers members discounts at various other service providers, including gymnasium membership and some health food shops. Members can also opt for the HealthWaiver Program that will ensure that health cover will continue if the principal member dies or becomes permanently disabled.

The Momentum Medical Aid aims to offer their members the best possible care if they need hospitalization. Their various programs and plans are designed to help members make provision for their individual needs. © Medical Aid Plan


Medical Aid QuoteNOTES:

Your medical aid quote will include options to suit your pocket. Please ensure that the cover you select is exactly what you need and that you understand exactly what insurance you are buying. Do not hesitate to ask questions about the medical aid or hospital cover you choose.



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