Fedhealth Medical Aid

Founded in 1936 and first known as the Reef Medical Scheme, Fedhealth Medical Aid has grown to become one of the largest schemes in South Africa. It is currently the fifth largest in the country. The company prides itself in offering cheap medical aid schemes that will allow all South Africans to afford at least some measure of medical cover.

Fedhealth Medical AidFedhealth is financially sound and enjoys an enviable AA- credit rating from the prestigious Global Credit Rating agency. The company enjoys a high customer satisfaction rating as well which is attributed to the company policy of settling claim quickly and to deal with member enquiries immediately.

What does the company offer?

Fedhealth categorize its various plans in two major categories. There is the Maxima series and the Ultima series.

·The Maxima series consist of six different plans, each offering a range of benefits that would suit the needs of very well-defined target groups. The plans in this series are called Maxima Entry Zone, the Maxima Basis, the Standard plan, the Core plan and the Exec and Maxima Plus plans.

·The Ultima series is generally more expensive but the three plans in this series (the Ultimax plan and the Ultima 200 and 300 plans) offer a wide range of comprehensive benefits. These plans would suit families or individuals that require regular medical treatment or that suffer from chronic conditions.

·FedHealth understands the fact that not all people are able to afford comprehensive medical cover. That is why it has designed the Blue Door Plan. This is essentially a hospital plan and would be ideal for young, healthy people or those that can only afford cover for hospitalization and emergencies. Members must make use of service providers that are part of the official FedHealth network. The plan includes emergency transport to suitable treatment facilities and certain preventive procedures such as CT scans and MRI.

An overview of the available benefits

·In many cases the Fedhealth scheme will provide unrestricted cover for hospitalization. Members can choose any treatment facility, but some hospital plans require members to make use of previously approved hospitals.

·Members are able to upgrade and downgrade their cover. This is an important benefit because circumstances change and the needs of members also change.

·Children up to the age of twenty seven pay the same rate as children. This benefit saves many families a considerable amount of money. In addition, when dependents reach the age of twenty seven they can join the scheme independently without having to pay underwriting fees.

·In many cases the scheme also covers the cost of post-hospital medical care. This cover can last for up to a month.

·Almost all the plans make provision for the treatment of fifty six chronic conditions.

·When specialized radiology is necessary, the cost is not paid from the medical savings account, but as risk.

·FedHealth is one of only a few schemes that will cover members that participate in extreme sports and dangerous hobbies.

·All the plans include free oral contraceptives.

·When discharged from hospital, medication is provided free of charge.

The Fedhealth medical aid is one of the largest in South Africa because they go to great lengths to cater for every need. They strive towards providing all South Africans with access to quality medical treatment. © Medical Aid Plan


Medical Aid QuoteNOTES:

Your medical aid quote will include options to suit your pocket. Please ensure that the cover you select is exactly what you need and that you understand exactly what insurance you are buying. Do not hesitate to ask questions about the medical aid or hospital cover you choose.



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