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Cape Medical Plan is a Top Medical Aid



You can count yourself lucky to be able to afford medical aid. They’re costly, but in South Africa, with government hospitals operating below par, they’re a critical necessity.


Anyone looking for a good medical aid has plenty of options. Thankfully the annual GTC Medical Aid Survey measures the value for money you get from the choices you make.


Jill Larkin of GTC Healthcare warns about relying too heavily on these surveys however. She suggests making use of an experienced healthcare advisor who can look at your lifestyle and your budget. Such a person can guide you through understanding the cheapest entry-level and Cape Medical Planhospital- only options and then to move on to the most cost comprehensive medical aid options.







Cape Medical Plan worth a Good Look-Over


A healthcare advisor always suggests looking at Cape Medical Plan as a worthwhile choice. They were established in 1961, and provide simple, reliable medical aid.


They provide their members with 3 uncomplicated healthcare plans – HealthPact Premium, HealthPact Silver and HealthPact Select. The Premium- and Silver offer hospital cover while the Select Plan is the comprehensive cover.


A Fantastic Array of Benefits


This Health Pact Select is their most costly plan, but of course it offers the most benefits. In 2018 the main member pays in the region of R5 300 for this plan and gets unlimited hospital cover, plenty of cover for chronic conditions while specialist procedures are covered at 200% of the CMP tariff.


Among the many other benefits, diabetics also have access to the Chronic Diabetic Endocrinology programme.


A Unique Feature – they’re Self-Administered


 It’s the only medical scheme in the country that is self-administered. They don’t use any brokers, performing all their functions in-house.  Cape Medical are the first to say that while most schemes in the country somehow include administration costs in their members’ fees, they say that about 98 – 99% of their member’s fees are paid out as benefits.


 Anything remaining goes into reserves. Their finances are managed well, and even though legally, all schemes are required to maintain a 25% solvency ratio, Cape Medical allows for a solvency ratio well above the legislated 25%.


Cape Medical Scheme also has what is know as their Member Relations Management division. This section is made up of trained in-house doctors and nurses as well as customer care staff.


They handle -

·          claim queries and requests for authorisation 

·          chronic medication- and disease management queries 

·          their maternity programme 

·          doctor’s quotes for procedures 

Keeping Medical Aid Members Updated


Another reason why Cape Medical Plan is such a top medical aid is that they keep their members informed. They know that most South African medical aid members are concerned about South Africa’s complex healthcare system and where they fit in.


South African medical aid members are concerned about what the government is doing about healthcare, and more particularly what the National Health Insurance system (NHI) holds in store for them.  Will it be able to provide quality, comprehensive healthcare for all? What is to become of medical aids in the future?


Cape Medical Plan tackles all these sorts of queries and concerns on their information pages. They’re a medical aid who believes in providing their members with simple plans and ensuring they are constantly kept up to date with events and changes in South Africa’s current healthcare scenario.


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