Medical Aid Plan - Do Medical Aids Cover Breast Cancer Treatment

Do Medical Aids Cover Breast Cancer Treatment?


The question “Do medical aids cover breast cancer treatment?” is an important one if you consider the fact that roughly one in every eight women in South Africa is diagnosed with breast cancer at some stage of their lives. Most survivors Do Medical Aids Cover Breast Cancer Treatmentwill testify to the fact that they had no idea that the financial implications of treatment will be so severe. Many newly diagnosed patients find, to their shock, that they are not fully covered by their medical schemes. It is not uncommon for treatment to cost upwards of half a million rand, and that is just during the first critical year! That is why it is so important to ask about this issue before making any decisions regarding medical cover. Use a broker to explain the ins and outs of the medical aid scheme you are planning to join, with particular reference to heart events and cancer.


Not All Schemes Offer The Same Cover


The various schemes all offer different terms and conditions and the fact that a specific condition is listed does not mean that all expenses related to that condition will be paid by the scheme. It is vital to study the rules of your scheme very carefully and to ask for clarification when uncertain about even the smallest issue. It is your right and your responsibility to remain informed.


What Are Treatment Exclusions?


When it comes to cancer treatment, almost all medical schemes limit the annual amount that will be available for treatment purposes. Some treatments and procedures may actually be excluded, depending upon the type of cancer, the cost of the treatment and the stage of the disease. In many cases the scheme will pay only a percentage of the cost and you as the patient is expected to foot the bill for the balance.

It Is Important To Question Your Medical Scheme


When evaluating all the various medical cover options, it is vitally important to find out whether the scheme will cover only the minimum benefits prescribed by law or if they offer extended benefits such as advanced treatments and even experimental treatments. It is also important to determine whether the cost will be covered in full or whether the patient will have to help carry the cost.


You Have To Ask Yourself Some Questions Too!


·         What is my financial position if I should be diagnosed with breast cancer?

·         Would I be able to afford to pay for treatment or part of the treatment if my medical scheme cover only a percentage of the cost or if treatment will be limited regarding the procedures and treatments that I will be able to receive?

·         How much will I have to pay?

·         Am I covered for loss of income if I have to miss work for an extended period?

·         Should I not perhaps consider additional critical illness cover? © Medical Aid Plan


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Medical Aid QuoteNOTES:

Your medical aid quote will include options to suit your pocket. Please ensure that the cover you select is exactly what you need and that you understand exactly what insurance you are buying. Do not hesitate to ask questions about the medical aid or hospital cover you choose.