How a Liberty Hospital Plan Can Assure Peace Of Mind


The Liberty hospital plan is just one of many excellent products offered by Liberty Life. The company is involved in a large variety of financial and insurance plans and health insurance is only one part of their far-flung and extensive business. Liberty Hospital PlanThis giant company has a proud history of helping people to plant their financial lives properly and to make sure that they are able to maintain an acceptable standard of living. They strive to offer solutions to every conceivable financial need, including short term insurance, life insurance and, of course, a hospital plan.


Some people question the fact that the company offers so many different plans. The company realizes, however, that not everybody can afford comprehensive cover and in many cases it is not even needed. Instead, they strive to provide affordable health care to every single person and family.


Why Is It So Important To Have a Private Health Plan?


The public health service simply cannot cope with the extraordinary demands placed upon it. South Africa is home to many needy people that have no choice other than to rely on the state for health care. In order to cope with these enormous demands certain compromises must be made in terms of the type of treatment offered, access to specialist care, and even the availability of certain types of medicines.


Those who want the best possible care when it becomes necessary to be hospitalized are better off with health plans that will cover the expenses in a private health care facility. These plans are more affordable than comprehensive cover, but they do make provision for emergency treatment and superior care in a private hospital.


What Types of Hospital Plans Are Offered by Liberty Life?


The Liberty Medical Aid division of Liberty Life offers three different plans, namely the Gold Focus Select Plan, the Gold Focus Plan, and the Platinum Focus Plan. Here is some more information about each of these plans:


· Young, fit and healthy people that do not suffer from any serious condition will find the Gold Focus Select Plan to be ideal. It is affordable and it provides for cover when care is sought from approved service providers and specific state facilities. In cases of accidents, full cover is provided if the patient is hospitalized. The plan does not include a savings account, but members may choose an out-of-hospital extension to the plan when the need arises. This option will add treatment at casualty departments, scans, and many one day procedures.

· The Gold Focus Plan is very similar, but it provides for care at any private hospital. Any member that lands up in hospital due to an accident is fully covered for all in-hospital expenses, including surgery and treatment programs. The plan also covers all expenses for treatment of chronic conditions, but it is important to note that only approved medical rates are paid. If the final cost is above the rate, then the member will have to pay the balance.

· Then there is the Platinum Focus Plan. It is a cut above the other two plans because it makes provision for the on-going treatment and management of chronic conditions. Members of this plan are able to choose any hospital they want, and they may even decide upon the specific specialist from which they desire treatment. This plan also offers the option to expand the cover to include out-of-hospital expenses and a wide range of preventive treatment options.


A Liberty hospital plan will provide peace of mind and the sure knowledge that excellent care will be given when emergencies occur. They are designed to fit just about any budget and these plans are excellent for those that cannot afford comprehensive cover.

Here’s wishing you and your family prosperity and good health!



Medical Aid QuoteNOTES:

Your medical aid quote will include options to suit your pocket. Please ensure that the cover you select is exactly what you need and that you understand exactly what insurance you are buying. Do not hesitate to ask questions about the medical aid or hospital cover you choose.



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