Medihelp Hospital Plan

Every South African is entitled to unrestricted access to the public health system. Sadly, this system is under-resourced and overburdened, and for many people, private care is of paramount importance, and that is why products such as the Medihelp hospital plan are so popular.

Medihelp Hospital PlanIn the same breath, it needs to be stated that the South African public health system is extremely efficient and comprehensive, even when compared to the public systems available to British and American citizens. The fact is that there are just too many people in South Africa that cannot afford to pay for medical care, and that is why the system experiences so much pressure.

South Africans have many options when it comes to private medical aid. There are many reputable medical aid schemes that offer a wide variety of plans. In addition, the industry is strictly regulated, and all medical aids are compelled to offer cover for all conditions on the Minimum Benefits lists as contained in the law. The law furthermore compels schemes to keep certain funds in reserve in order to pay for claims from members.

Who should consider a hospital plan and why?

It is an unfortunate fact that medical schemes are expensive because medical care costs are exorbitant. Not everybody can afford comprehensive cover. However, one of the biggest personal tragedies and financial calamities that can occur to any family is when hospitalization becomes necessary. The cost can be extremely high, and everyone wants to receive the best possible care. Unfortunately, even simple surgical procedures can cost thousands of rand. The answer is a hospital plan. These plans offer no cover against day-to-day medical expenses such as visits to the GP, dentistry, or optometry, but they do pay the bills when someone has to be hospitalized.

Why should you consider a Medihelp hospital plan?

  • The company has more than a century of experience in providing quality health care to their members. The very size of the company and its financial soundness makes it a good choice. It has more than two hundred and fifty thousand members and it is still growing.
  • Medihelp offers a wide variety of plans that are designed to fulfill every possible need. In most cases members are able to upgrade their plans when their circumstances or needs change. This is not possible with most other schemes. It is even possible to downgrade the cover if finances become scarce or if the needs of the member change.
  • The company offers an extremely affordable plan, named the Dimension Prime 1 Plan. This plan is specifically designed to allow members access to the very best hospitals, specialists, and other treatment facilities. The plan is so affordable because it only makes provision for hospitalization, although provision is made for a number of preventive treatments and scans. Children under the age of twenty-seven only have to pay child rates.
  • The Dimension Prime 2 Plan is similar to the Dimension Prime 1 Plan, but it also includes a medical savings account. This account can be used to pay for day-to-day medical expenses. The plan is ideal for families that cannot afford comprehensive cover but that nevertheless need to be covered in cases of emergencies.

The Medihelp hospital plan offers superb benefits, and members are able to rest assured that they are fully covered when they need to be treated in a hospital.


Medical Aid QuoteNOTES:

Your medical aid quote will include options to suit your pocket. Please ensure that the cover you select is exactly what you need and that you understand exactly what insurance you are buying. Do not hesitate to ask questions about the medical aid or hospital cover you choose.



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