Best Medical Aid in South Africa


A good idea is to start the new year by reflecting on the past
year’s financial mistakes and to consider the new year ahead. What is it that you want to achieve? Most
people want good health and they want a good medical aid.


People looking for a medical aid don’t want to be spending a lot
and getting a little. Therefore the medical aids of South Africa will require good research. Before you make
any kind of long term decision regarding medical aid cover, take the time to compare medical


Comparing and Changing Medical Aids


There are medical aid comparison sites that can help you make an
informed decision. This is  because they offer you an easy way to compare medical aid benefits from each of the many
medical aids there are in South Africa.


A comparison site such as IHS or Informed Healthcare Solutions
can be so effective that it can cause a medical aid member to want to change from one scheme to another. You
will however face a waiting period.


Know What You’re Signing Up For


It’s hard researching medical aids and to compare them. They’re complicated. Mercifully there
are easy-to-navigate medical aid comparison sites. Medical aid in South Africa is expensive and you therefore
need to know what you’re buying, what you’re paying for and whether you have adequate coverage or not. You don’t want to sign any contract without
being adequately aware of what you’re signing for.


Specialists Medical Aid Brokers do the Comparisons for You


IHS, Independent Medical Aid Specialists offer an excellent means for you to compare medical
aids. They’ve got 20 years of experience behind them as medical aid brokers, keeping up to date with the
latest medical aid products and changes to medical aid legislation.


 Best Medical Aid in South Africa



They know for instance that in South Africa, the government’s current plans for the NHI as
well as the restructuring of medical aids will no doubt see millions of people losing access to quality
private healthcare. You can’t predict the future and right now, South Africans still need to be making sound
medical aid decisions.


Best Medical Aid in South Africa based on Sound Information


Informed Healthcare Solutions (IHS) medical aid data portal provides information on the
cheapest- as well as the most expensive medical aid plans, hospital plans as well as hospital plans with
savings. With their knowledge, they deal with all the major medical aid schemes, only recommending those that
are well established and who have a good global credit rating. 


Wondering which medical aid would best suit you? Why not trust the vast experience of the IHS
medical aid brokers? They are there to provide solid, professional advice on medical aids so that people can
make an informed decision.


The IHS consultants will help you to analyse your healthcare needs. They are contracted to all
major schemes, understanding everything about hospital plans, savings, comprehensive
medical aid plans, medical aid gap cover, and limited day-to-day
cover. They can also advise you about those schemes that charge premiums according
to income for those members with lower salaries.

 IHS invites you to request more info from them anytime you



Medical Aid QuoteNOTES:

Your medical aid quote will include options to suit your pocket. Please ensure that the cover you
select is exactly what you need and that you understand exactly what insurance you are buying. Do not hesitate to
ask questions about the medical aid or hospital cover you choose.



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