Medical Aid Plan - Medical Aid Quotes in South Africa

Medical Aid Quotes in South Africa

After completing the form here below with your particulars you will be able to receive comparative quotes by email that will allow you to size up the right health insurance package quotes for you and your family.

Alternatively, a medical aid fund expert will reach out to you by phone to help you get medical aid quotes and choose the best scheme or hospital plan for your specific needs. You will also get information about gap cover - and quotes - if you desire it.


There are two main categories of healthcare cover in the country:

Medical Schemes or Funds exist to provide as many South Africans as possible with access to affordable healthcare and are regulated by the authorities through an act of parliament. All such organisations have to be registered with the Council for Medical Schemes which in turn ensures that the medical scheme offers all the Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMBs). Included in the list of PMBs are 300 conditions, among which are close to 30 chronic diseases. Genesis and Fedhealth are examples of such schemes in South Africa.

Insurance companies have the sole aim of maximising their profits, unlike medical schemes which are strictly non-profit. They are not obliged by law to offer the PMBs to their clients, which is something you must be fully conscious of before settling for any of their products. Among the popular insurance firms are Old Mutual, Clientele and Liberty.

Assessing Medical Aid Quotes in South Africa

Medical Aid vs Insurance Companies: You are always better off getting quotes and signing up for a medical aid scheme than going for any of the healthcare products offered by insurance firms. These quotes are preferential essentially because of the PMB benefits described earlier. You will be covered for many more conditions, even chronic maladies. Visit any of South Africa’s leading schemes such as Genesis or Bonitas and discover the amazing hospital plans you can begin to benefit from.

Medical Aid Quotes in South Africa

Medical Aid Schemes come in two flavours; restricted schemes and open schemes.

The latter, as the name suggests, are available to any interested South African national.

Restricted schemes are limited to only those working in certain professions, for instance government employees or those working in the banking sector.

Those seeking to take advantage of open schemes can find out more about what Selfmed, Bonitas, Discovery and other such schemes offer and get quotes.

Young families: If you’re planning to start a family in the near future, the time to sign up for medical aid was yesterday. Reason being if you sign up while you or your partner is pregnant, you will have to wait 12 whole months before the cover comes into effect and the medical expenses related with pregnancy and child birth can be catered for. This waiting period is to prevent the abuse of the cover, not to punish anyone. But if you sign up while you or your partner is expecting, the medical costs incurred immediately after the child is born will be taken care of by the scheme. 

Health Status: You will be covered by an open medical aid fund regardless of your health status as long as you or the beneficiary’s condition falls within the PMBs. You might have a condition that requires specialist medical attention or periods of hospitalisation; this should not prevent you from looking up quotes from different medical schemes.

Coastal Benefits: Those living near the South African coast should have additional impetus to sign up with medical schemes. Scientific research has shown that people living in these areas are generally healthier than those staying further inland. This means that you qualify for certain deals if you live there.