Selfmed Medical Aid

An open medical aid scheme, Selfmed medical aid was established in 1965 to provide health insurance cover throughout South Africa.

Selfmed says they owe their success and very good reputation to their founding objectives to provide “sincere, dependable and simplistic” service to South Africans. And to back this, the scheme points to the fact that it is one of the few medical schemes that are members of an ethics monitoring and regulatory body, the Ethics Institute of South Africa.

What is medical aid?

This a facility that enables subscribers to benefit from health services they would otherwise not afford to pay for when they are checked in for treatment due to illness or an accident. Schemes running this facility usually pay out to their clientele, or members, in line with what is known as Medical Scheme Rate (MSR). The rates are not governed by any regulatory body but are set by individual companies providing this facility.

As a policy holder, a member of any scheme is able to plan medical services that one requires and can benefit from.

In South Africa, schemes are governed by the Council for Medical Schemes for ethics and compliance factors.

What is a hospital plan?

Selfmed has a number of plans at the disposal of its members, among them hospital plans. Hospital plans give members, or policy holders, the power to directly control their medical spending. With these plans, members are able to manage their budget. Another benefit is the access to core medical cover in the event of an emergency.

Selfmed boasts of one of the best hospital plans on the market. Their product is known as the MEDXXI Option whose benefits, among others, include:

  • unlimited hospital cover at any hospital in South Africa;
  • 26 PMB chronic conditions;
  • paid-at-cost ante-natal classes;
  • certain clinical procedures (colonoscopy, gastroscopy, tonsillectomy) covered in doctor’s rooms;
  • in- and out-of-hospital MRI and CT scans.

The MEDXXI Option is a basic hospital plan that is well tailored for people who do not need frequent consultations. It is also ideal for people who are not in need of chronic care.

Selfmed Medical Aid also has a unique plan, the MED Elite Plan, for members with chronic conditions. This plan offers, among others:

  • a fully-paid unlimited hospital cover within in South Africa;
  • cover for biological drugs;
  • pre-natal services

The MED Elite Plan covers up to 65 chronic conditions.

Another unique product is Selfmed Selfsure, a plan that is targeted at young families. This one comes with it a generous package of day-to-day care that includes certain clinical procedures as well as pre-natal visits and hospitalisation within South Africa.

Selfmed also stands out with their provision for offer of services, as an added product, that benefit members suffering from life-threatening conditions, such as cancer and HIV and AIDS.

All in all, and backed by over 45 years of experience in the business as well as a certified ethics compliance, Selfmed offers one of the most comprehensive and best medical cover plans in South Africa. © Medical Aid Plan


Your medical aid quote will include options to suit your pocket. Please ensure that the cover you select is exactly what you need and that you understand exactly what insurance you are buying. Do not hesitate to ask questions about the medical aid or hospital cover you choose.




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