Sizwe Medical Aid

Although it was established as far back as 1978, Sizwe medical aid is one of the lesser known medical aid schemes in South Africa, amongst other schemes like Pro Sano medical aid and Discovery medical aid.Sizwe Medical Aid

The scheme’s founding object was to be a leading provider of affordable medical aid covering the whole country and specifically catering for South Africans.

What is medical aid?

This question cannot be simply answered by a cocktail of academic definitions. Basically, this is a facility that enables a member or subscriber to a scheme to benefit from healthcare service at costs they would otherwise not afford as illnesses or accidents are unpredictable.

Sizwe medical aid answers this question by providing one of the simplest and clearest of plans by understanding the needs of its membership. The result is the scheme’s plans designed to accord the members quality but affordable medical aid. These are:

The one-stop solution

This is more of a “universal” plan as it is designed to suit any member regardless of their position on the socio-economic strata. From corporate executives down to their low-paid employees, this plan delivers the flexibility for members to choose their suitable option. It also includes wellness programmes to add value in helping members with various conditions, such as management and treatment of chronic conditions and illness.

Hospital Management Programme

This plan covers members’ hospital needs although members must first seek authorisation for hospitalisation, after which they are assigned a case manager from the scheme to look into ensuring that the member gets best treatment in accordance with their respective subscribed plans.

Chronic Medicine Programme

This programme covers certain chronic medicines which are paid for by a benefits fund separated from the day-to-day expenses. The programme requires that a member undergoes an examination and assessment before they can apply for membership to the programme.

HIV/AIDS Management Programme

With the HIV and AIDS statistics ever rising, medical aid in South Africa has been adjusted to include members who are affected by this condition.

A team of experts that includes pharmacists, doctors and nurses as well as clinical specialists are tasked to properly and professionally manage this programme. Emphasis is placed on early diagnosis complemented with education and treatment adherence. The programme also has a provision for on-going counselling

Wellness Programme

The scheme runs a wellness programme for members who are able to prevent or manage chronic conditions without the need to be hospitalised. The programme is focussed on client education and fitness. Managed conditions include mental health, asthma, diabetes, cholesterol and blood pressure, among other.

Dental Benefit Programme

The scheme appreciates that oral health is paramount for the good welfare of its members, or anyone for that matter. They put up this programme, and amazingly, with no cost ceiling on this benefit! This programme does not cover non-essential dental treatment, such as gold inlays, but it benefits the member access to dental emergencies as well as good oral health maintenance.

The primary objective for Sizwe Medical Aid is to offer a variety of affordable plans to suit the respective lifestyle needs and budget requirements. © Medical Aid Plan


Medical Aid QuoteNOTES:

Your medical aid quote will include options to suit your pocket. Please ensure that the cover you select is exactly what you need and that you understand exactly what insurance you are buying. Do not hesitate to ask questions about the medical aid or hospital cover you choose.



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