Medical Aid Plan - Discovery Medical Scheme Ensures you of the Best Emergency Cover.

Discovery Medical Scheme Walks the Extra Mile 

At Discovery medical scheme you will find a wide range of medical aid options available, ranging from comprehensive plans to hospital plans. Aside from all the options Discovery has added additional measures, plans and options to ensure that you receive all the medical cover you need in an emergency.

Discovery Medical SchemeIf you consider all these extra benefits and options, choosing a Discovery medical scheme might just ensure that you receive affordable medical aid that has you covered when you need it most. You will be hard pressed to find another medical scheme that goes this far to assist their members.

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The additional options and plans available:

The Emergency HealthID:

Discovery medical scheme provides all members with a HealthID QR sticker to stick onto their cars.

• These stickers are scanned by emergency services personnel with their smart phones.

• The HealthID includes all the information the emergency personnel needs to give you the proper treatment as fast as possible.

• They will also be informed of any existing conditions and allergies you have.

• The few moments it takes to scan your sticker could save your life in an emergency.

Discovery 911:

• Discovery has an emergency number to assist you in any emergencies.

• The number is available 24/7 and you will receive immediate emergency assistance.

Emergency Transport:

• Discovery pays for emergency transport from your hospital benefits and not your savings account.

International travel benefit:

• This benefit provides emergency medical costs for each member during international travel

• The cover is valid for 90 days from you leaving South Africa.

• On some of the plans the cover is R5 million. And on other plans R10 million.

The Africa Benefit:

• This benefit covers emergency evacuation from certain countries in Africa to South Africa.

• Should you need the evacuation call the international SOS, they will clear the evacuation and send a recovery team to collect you.

• You will receive medical treatment in South Africa.

• This cover is only available for medical emergencies.


• Discovery will pay the casualty costs should you be admitted to hospital from the casualty unit.

The trauma recovery extender option; pays for certain day to day costs in these events:

• Crime related injury, near drowning, severe allergic reactions and poisoning. You can claim after 5 days in the ICU.

• Paraplegia due to blunt force trauma to the spine. You can claim if you experience severe loss of strength and efficacy of your limbs.

• Quadriplegia. Claim amounts are based on BETA or FIMS score indicators.

• Severe burns: More than 15% full surface burns to claim.

• Brain injuries. Requires ICU stay of 5 or more days to claim.

• Amputations: Loss of limb due to traumatic incident.

Not many medical aid schemes go to these measures to ensure their members receive prompt medical care in emergency situations.

With all these extras built in or available it is evident that Discovery medical scheme cares for their member’s and will walk the extra mile to ensure that proper health care is available. © Medical Aid Plan.

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Medical Aid QuoteNOTES:

Your medical aid quote will include options to suit your pocket. Please ensure that the cover you select is exactly what you need and that you understand exactly what insurance you are buying. Do not hesitate to ask questions about the medical aid or hospital cover you choose.