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Bestmed medical aid is not one of the top five giant schemes in South Africa, but it is a sound company that places a high emphasis on the use of advanced technology and superbly trained employees to provide their members with the best possible service.

They place a high value of ethical and morally acceptable management philosophies, which is perhaps the reason why the company boasts such high customer satisfaction indexes when compared with those enjoyed by other medical aids.

The various plans offered by Bestmed are presented as three distinct series; the Beat series, the Pace series, and the Pulse series.

The Beat Series

The series consists of three hospital plans, each offering potential members solutions that will both suit their needs and their pockets.

· The Beat 1 plan is meant for people that live healthy lifestyles and that simply need to make sure that they are covered if calamity strikes and hospitalization becomes necessary. The plan includes vaccinations for flu and free oral contraceptives.

· The Beat 2 plan offers more extensive in-hospital benefits and it also makes provision for medication for the treatment of certain chronic conditions. Flu vaccinations, oral contraceptives, and immunizations are all included, making this a very good choice for young families.

· The Beat 3 includes all the benefits of the Beat 2 plan, but it also offers full maternity benefits and medication for specified chronic conditions.

The Pace Series

The Pace Series is the most popular plans offered by this medical scheme. There are four plans on offer, each offering full hospital cover and certain out-of-hospital benefits.

· The Pace 1 Plan is an excellent choice for young families that want to make sure that they are covered in case of hospitalization but that also need to make provision for general medical care. Apart from extensive hospitalization benefits, the plan also provides for the payment of day-to-day medical expenses and medication for a variety of chronic conditions. Members also have access to preventive procedures such as PAP smears, HIV testing, and a few vaccines.

· The Pace 2 Plan offers more day-to-day benefits with much higher annual spending limits. Members may choose the medical service providers of their choice, but in some cases, it is necessary to obtain prior approval before being admitted for hospital treatment. Medication for several chronic diseases is also included as benefits.

· The Pace 3 Plan has been designed for families that regularly need medical attention. The plan makes provision for widespread out-of-hospital benefits, full cover for hospital admittances, and medication for the treatment and management of chronic conditions. Members manage their everyday medical expenses by means of a medical savings account.

· The Pace 4 Plan is the ideal choice for families that consist of middle-aged and elderly members that require medical care often. The plan includes preventive treatments and above-average day-to-day medical cover.

The Pulse Series

This series consists of two plans:

· The Pulse 1 Plan provides all-inclusive hospital cover, but members must make use of approved service providers. This obligation helps to keep the cost of cover affordable. The plan also offers travel cover and full access to a wellness management program.

· The Pulse 2 Plan offers cover for both in and out-of-hospital medical expenses. Members must make use of the approved network of service providers. This plan includes pediatric services and immunizations.

When it comes to medical schemes, South Africans are lucky to be able to choose between several reputable service providers. The Bestmed medical aid has been providing quality care to its members for many years. © Medical Aid Plan



Your medical aid quote will include options to suit your pocket. Please ensure that the cover you select is exactly what you need and that you understand exactly what insurance you are buying. Do not hesitate to ask questions about the medical aid or hospital cover you choose.



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